"One element, perhaps the most vital of all, in this brief summarization of nature’s economy is productive soil. This is the medium or resource upon which all life on this Earth depends. When that goes we go with it."
Fairfield Osborn,
Our Plundered Planet

"We make hundreds of thousands of chemicals every year whose effects on our immune systems, reproductive systems, limbic systems, etc., are basically unstudied and unknown, and companies can make them, put them in the environment and say, "good luck."
Paul Hawken

Earth Voice Food Choice DVD
Health, Environment, Global Survival
What’s the Connection?

This digitally enhanced presentation takes us on a ride through outer space in search of a planet that has the three main things humans need for survival: air, water and soil. We find Earth and witness our planet’s splendor. We learn the harmful effects of humans short-sighted food choices on our environment, the species we share this Earth with, our personal health, world hunger and even the economy. We clearly see the negative impacts of eating too much chemically processed animal and junk foods and comprehend the importance of eating more organically grown plant foods. We’ll meet the super heroes for health, the Plant Kingdom and be introduced to their powerful immune system enhancers like phytochemicals and antioxidants,

The presentation will show how young people in schools are the unsuspecting recipients of unhealthy foods that are known to contribute to obesity, heart attacks, strokes and some forms of cancer. This DVD will demonstrate how to protect our most valued resources of air water, soil, our children’s future and our personal health by making mindful food choices.

Todd Winant, author of the Earth Voice Food Choice Manual, delivers the presentation.


Feature 39:46 minutes, Bonus extras 57:15 minutes
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